Why Did He Come?

Eve is nice girl. Her parents instructed her not to buy any food from street vendors upon leaving school, because the food is exposed and prone to contamination.
Eve promised to obey, but because of the temptation of the vendor, she bought food from him and ate it despite her parent’s warnings. And indeed, the food was contaminated and the microbes entered her body. She started feeling the illness overtaking her body and a severe pain was grinding her. She had been seriously poisoned!
She barely made it home, and when her mother opened the door, she found her face pale, unable to talk, and had difficulty moving. The mother quickly asked “did you eat from the contaminated food that I told you not to eat from? Eve could not answer but fell on the nearest bed like a dormant body waiting for a certain death.
What is the solution?
+ Is repentance sufficient?
Does she need to apologize to her parents, say sorry, ask for forgiveness, and repent from such act? Will this save her life? She is dying and no matter how much she apologizes and repents, the problem will not be solved and she will not live!
+ Does she need more commandments?
Should her parents rebuke her for her disobedience and command her not to repeat such sinful acts? But what is the benefit of all that if the girl is dying! All these commandments will not make her live…She needs whoever can give her life!
+ Do we change her surroundings?
As in her parents covering her with blankets or use ice packs to reduce her high fever.…Or…Or…All these outwardly remedies will not treat the disease which runs in the blood…inside.
When the doctor arrived, he pointed out that the only solution to save Eve’s life is as follows:

  1. She needs a very strong antibiotic, stronger than the microbe itself.
  2. The medication must enter her body, flows in her blood, and unites with the body.
  3. The medication must be given in regular doses until the dreadful microbe is eliminated. Thus the disease gradually subsides and life comes back to her again.
  4. For the rest of her life, she will have to live on continuous and long-acting doses of the medicine. She must take it regularly in order to maintain full control over microbe and not allow it to flare up again.

* Dear beloved, this is the tragedy of mankind! When man fell by the deception of Satan, the microbe of sin entered his being and polluted his nature; death took over him.
The only solution is to receive power that unites with our beings to overcome the microbe of sin that is inside us. Therefore, there was no other solution to this tragedy, except for Christ to incarnate and, inwardly, unite with our nature to give us power to heal us from sin. Thus our Lord Jesus took the human nature from the Blessed Virgin and united himself with it to give it life.
+ It is not enough for Adam to repent and apologize to God.
+ The Commandments and the Laws of the Old Testament were not enough.
+ The treatment from the outside by changing the surroundings, by being clean, and putting on the good behavior is not a suitable one. The sickness is from within and the treatment also must be from within, by a strong medication which is the grace of Christ. The incarnation is the key for this grace which we obtain through the holy church sacraments.
Hence the importance of regular communion lies in the fact that Christ dwells within us; we have abundance of grace, and the old man (sinful nature) remains defeated and lacks ability and effect. If we neglect supplying ourselves regularly with the means of grace (the medicine), grace will be scarce within us. Then, the microbe of sin will flourish and show its serious effects in us again!
My brethren, the descending of Christ, the Incarnation, and the uniting with our nature gave us joy and life once again, and it was the only solution to the tragedy of mankind.
Fr. Yohanna Naseef