What is “Depression”?

52 - Depression
“Depression” is the term used to describe the different states of feelings or moods we go through when we are down.
Is depression related to the time when you feel anxious or worried about a specific issue or when you just feel in a bad mood because of no specific reason?
If anyone loses his job or his spouse, one can possibly think of committing suicide, may lose his/ her appetite, or may feel drowsy or nervous. Several months might pass before he/ she is able to get over these symptoms.
Taking the suitable medication is essential to get cured. The question arises is medication sufficient?
Is depression just a sickness to be treated? Are there any possible economical means to reduce depression?
All these questions are possible, but they do not prevent the truth.
Depression is a condition basically considered as an experience that requires the person to sit alone and independently work on curing it.
Some wise advice and helping medications will have an effect indeed, but the person has to face alone his pain suffering. That person will find his own way deep down his heart.
To be able to cope with depression, reaching comfort and acceptance of a certain bad experience, alone or by the others’ assistance, is very valuable and precious.
We all suffer from different moods. We all suffer the loss of precious ones. We all suffer from various economic difficulties.
Do we all react the same towards these hardships?
People’s reactions are different ..some may face their depression & take actions like asking for support .. other may resort to addiction (drugs , alcohol) as an attempt to alleviate their pain.  Others may suicide ..
Are we born to suffer? Well, we meet people who are in more distress and pain are, strangely enough, very thankful.
How can this be?
What kind of help do they have in order to appear so grateful and happy?
Who can offer me help when I am so depressed, hopeless, and lonely? Why would I be offered such help from a “Stranger”?
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