The wedding gifts giftJapanese weddings have many traditions, not the least of which includes the giving of gifts. Some gifts will be given before the wedding and some at the reception. Engagement gifts are given by families at a time known as “Yui-no,” which means for families to dine and drink together. These gifts are given to wish the couple a happy and prosperous marriage. Some examples of traditional Japanese wedding gifts follow.Kimono and SkirtBoth the bride and groom traditionally wear kimono at their wedding. Prior to the wedding, the families will give the bride a traditional sash known as an “obi.” This sash is worn with a kimono and represents female virtue. The “hakama skirt,” a man’s kimono, is a gift for the groom and it represents fertility.Food and HerbsSome examples of food gifts given to the couple include dried cuttlefish and dried bonito. Both items are thought to bring the couple a lasting marriage. Hemp is also given to wish the couple many years of happy marriage to come, as well as a strong family.MoneyMoney, or “oshugi,” is traditionally given as a gift at a Japanese wedding. Cash gifts are placed in special envelopes called “shugi-bukuro,” on the front of which guests write their names.Do you know that you too are a very special and precious person, and you are given some very special gifts?Please read the following story to know how much valuable you are?