The Three Guests

26 - The Three Guests 001
One cold morning, as a woman looked out of her window, she saw three old men sitting by her door in the cold. She felt sorry for them and went out to invite them into her warm house. They looked at her and one of them said, “You have to choose only one of us to come into your house.”
She said, “Why should I choose one? I would like to invite all three of you to come in.”  The man said: “Choose only one.”  She looked at him with confusion. The man told her, “Don’t be confused, my name is Success, my friend’s name is Wealth and the third one is Love, you have to choose only one of us to come in.”
Unable to decide, she went to consult her family and told them what had happened. Her husband replied, “Choose Wealth; you know that we are poor and wealth may improve our condition.” Her son said: “Choose Success, so that I’ll always be successful.”  Her daughter said: “It would be beautiful to have Love among us, then all our problems and suffering will end.”
The woman thought for a while then went out to the three men and said, “We decided that Love will be our guest.”
She was very surprised to find all three men getting into her house. They said to her, “Don’t be surprised, if  you had chosen Wealth or Success, he would have entered your home by himself, but you chose Love which, comes in and brings along Success and Wealth with him.”