The Story Of A Pearl

My name is “Oyster” .. I live in the sea
Because I’m soft & tender .. a hard shell is protecting me
I may not look good on the outside .. But from the inside there’s a story you should see
A story of beauty & glow .. that can make you inspired in awe

It started with an intruder who came In my way unexpectedly
He entered fast while opening my shell breathing life joyfully
Then he started to hurt my most vulnerable parts causing me irritation
I Kept screaming “Get out of my life .. for this is a violation !!

But he wouldn’t listen no matter how hard I try
And  I have to protect myself, or else I will die
Deep in my pain & anguish I shout out & cry

Then in my suffering something came out of my inner being as a transformation
Something that is so crystal & shimmering .. What a consolation!!
“If I can’t remove it; can I at least improve it as an adaptation??

I used my substance to protect me, that’s how damage cannot inflict me
Then quickly & quickly I started coating this uninvited visitor with my “Nacre”
And the longer he remained; the more I coated it with layer over layer

Over time & as I looked behind .. The picture became clearer & anew
Out of the darkest side .. Something was made bright & new
An irresistible gem is formed .. Covered with power & glow
A breathtaking pearl that worth a fortune .. Only produced by few

Keep it as a reminder in your times of trouble .. of what an oyster can do
What you cannot avoid or change ..  Will help you find meaning & value within you.
With patience & perseverance .. your inner resources will expand & renew
And what didn’t kill you .. Can help you welcome the new you.