The Stone Cutter

32 - stone cutter
Many years ago in Upper Egypt, there lived a poor stone cutter called Olagious. Although he was very poor, he loved helping other poor people. Every day before he started eating, he looked for the beggars and outcasts to give them food.
One day while he was cutting some stones, he found a big wooden box. When he opened the box, Olagious found a treasure hidden inside it. He was amazed by the sight of jewelry glittering in the sun. Hurriedly, he hid the box.
Later, when it was dark, he took the box, left his homeland and travelled to Constantinople. There, he lived as a rich man and worked hard until he became one of the governor’s ministers. He completely forgot about the poor. He stopped looking for beggars to share his meal with.  Sadly, wealth made Olagious greedy and self-centered. He cared only about himself and was focused on getting richer. He depended only on his money, his authority as a minister, and his social status. As he became richer, he believed that happiness lied in his money and prestigious post. However, this didn’t last forever.
A different governor, who hated Olagious, took over. The Governor wanted to take revenge on Olagious who had no choice but to escape to Egypt and go back to his old job. He became a stone cutter once more.
One day, as Olagious sat in the shade resting, he contemplated on his past and realized his grave mistake. He finally came to himself, he started giving the poor and made peace with God.  He regained the joy which he had lost.
What are we depending on? What is the source of our happiness? Is it money or social status? Are we depending on temporal materialistic things? Do we care only about ourselves and our welfare?
Or do we have compassion on others and reach out to help them? Do we find joy in making others happy? Are we thankful for what we have or do we always feel that we don’t have enough?

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