The Precious Note

One day, an American teacher asked each of her students to get out a piece of paper and write a list of their colleagues names in the class leaving a blank between the names. Then she asked them to think of the most beautiful character or thing they can notice about their colleagues and write it in the blank under the name. The teacher collected the papers and, in her holiday, she wrote each name in a separate paper with all what his colleagues had mentioned about him.

On the beginning of the next week, she gave each student a paper with his name and all what his colleagues wrote about him. After a while each one in the class began to smile. And a lot of sentences were heard loud in class like “oh really I didn’t imagine that I mean anything to anyone,” “I didn’t realize that the others like me that much,” and so on.
Days had passed and the children forgot about the paper, but the activity had proved useful, as they were happy with themselves and their colleagues. Each one gained confidence in himself.
This group of children had grown up and moved from one grade to another till they had graduated from school.
After long years, one of these students became a military officer and died in Vietnam War. The teacher attended the funeral and it was a first to see an officer in military coffin within military ceremony.
The church was full of his old friends and colleagues that surrounded the coffin and one of his fellow officers held the “pall” beside the coffin. The teacher was the last to bless the body in coffin.
Then an officer came to her and asked: “Are you Mark’s teacher for math?” She nodded affirmatively, so the officer said: “Mark was talking about you a lot.” After the funeral, Mark’s parents met the teacher and talked to her. His father said: “We would like to show you something”; then he opened his wallet and carefully brought out a yellow note that is restored by adhesive tape and said: “They found this note on his body after he was killed. Do you recognize it?”    
The teacher recognized that note; it was the list of good characters that his colleagues had written about him in the class.
Mark’s mother said while she was crying: “We are thankful to you for what you had done with him. As you see, this paper was precious to Mark.” The other colleagues began to gather around the teacher, parents, and this precious note. One of the colleagues named “Charley” smiled and told them that he also still keeps his note in his desk drawer, while “Shack’s” wife said that “Shack” asked her to put his note in their wedding album.
All colleagues stated that they are still keeping that precious note of their own.
It is very nice to tell whom we love, like, or care about that we really love them and care about them and how special they are to us. Let us do so and let them know before it is too late.