The Holy Shroud

They mostly doubted about his Crucifixion….. Is it real that the one who saved the Christians is indeed crucified?? Did he really give up his spirit and then rise from the dead??
When Jesus gave up his spirit on the cross, they put him down and wrapped him in the coffins that Nicodemus and Joseph have bought precisely for him to be put in the new grave. Then in the third day dawn from his death, there was a piece of news that shocked the city; that is, He had risen and there was no dead body present in the grave…. Only the coffins are present and there were some of his students and followers who saw him, but the Roman soldiers said that He did not rise and that his students had stolen his body and created news of His resurrection!!! So which of that I can believe??!!!
A recent scientific research done by Italian scientists has ensured that the famous Torino coffin is indeed the coffin used to wrap Jesus body after his crucifixion, as the researches that took 5 years long and used the latest and most developed technology including the Laser showed, and by the help of experts in the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, that the cloth tissue of the coffin dates back to more than 2000 years old and that the discovered coffins from that age in Jerusalem were of the same kind of cloth tissue as that of the Holy Coffin. By these conclusions of the recent practical study, the discussions had ended and proved that this is really the Holy Coffin and carries the traces of Jesus Christ crucifixion.
The Vatican had insured that this is really the Holy Coffin, but no one of the experts could explain how the features of the Christ’s face had moved and printed on the piece of cloth of the Holy Coffin. But all the Christians believe that it is a miracle as any other miracle that the Christians see in the world as the appearance of the Holy Fire annually in the Resurrection Church in Jerusalem city at the same time of the celebrations of the Christ resurrection, and it is a kind of fire that is harmless and causes no burnings or damage for a certain time of its appearance.
The Italian scientists that examined and studied the Holy Coffin had reached many of the discoveries; for example, the fibers threads of linen of the Holy Coffin contain traces of cotton which is a plant that only grows in the Middle East, the picture on the Holy Coffin is permanent and steady even in temperature, water, and chemicals, the picture on the Holy Coffin is 3-dimensional picture, and presence of true blood on the Holy Coffin’s surface; all this proved undoubtedly that it is a real coffin from the first century of the Christ from Palestine, and it is used to wrap a crucified person and it was agreed that this person had been crucified and died by the same way written in the Holy Bible about the death of Jesus Christ who was beaten by a Roman whip, crowned by a complete crown of spines, beaten on the face, carried a very heavy weight on His shoulders, fell in the road on his knees, nailed on the Cross, and died on it; his legs were not broken, and after his death stapled by a Roman harpoon in his side; then blood and water had come out of this injury and then He was buried quickly in a perfect linen coffin, and his body is kept in the coffin for a short period of time; then He left the coffin without affecting the blood clots which must had been damaged and broken if any one lifted the body from the coffin regardless of his skills and finally by a miracle this body printed a picture of the body and the face features on that coffin.
The Traces of a Lot of Blood and Water
There is a lot of mistaken information in the common people mind about the procedure of the Jesus Christ crucifixion as the spines crown that is drawn as a circle, but in reality it was a hat of braided spines that is hardly pressed on the head to be fixed and that is what the doctors had concluded from the Holy Coffin as they found traces of injuries and lot of blood in the head region. Also we used to see the pictures of the Christ on the Cross hanged by nails in his hands’ palms while the truth is that the nails were put in his wrists, as the hands could not carry and bear the body weight as the hand tissues will be soon ruptured and torn apart and the crucified person will soon fall to ground, while the Holy Coffin declared that the part that bled a lot of blood was the 2 wrists and not the hands. Also the wrist has a cavity called distort cavity, which is a small cavity surrounded by 3 small bones, so when a nail is put in that cavity, it moves the 3 bones to the outside to enlarge the cavity and the nail passes without making any bone break, as the Bible said about the Passover Lamb “without any broken bones”; this besides that the wrist is the only place that can carry and bear the body weight.