The first society of our children

Raising a child is of great importance in establishing the society. If a child is brought up well, this will result in bringing a good generation and as a result a good society. However, if this process of bringing up a child is incorrect, the whole society will be corrupted.
Society reflects the way children are brought up. Therefore, society has to look out for both: the parents and children.
Parents :
This could be; the father, mother, teacher or someone who is of authority in society.
First :
The mother and father are the first people a child meets in his life. So the society has to present to all youth the essential training courses to enhance them to lay the basis in bringing up their children. The baby is affected by his mother ever since he was an embryo in her womb. He is affected by her quiet or hot temper during pregnancy. Therefore ,youth have to be fully aware how to receive a child and how to deal with him and how to deal with each other as a mum and a dad.
They also need to learn about the different stages that their children go through starting from childhood, adolescence and youth.
What are the basics that a mother and a father should learn in raising their children?
They should be giving love, tenderness and care by understand his psychology. They should be serious and strict. If the child is raised by a mother and a father who understand all his needs, this child will grow up to be stable. He will trust them and will refer to them in solving his problems to gain from their experience. Thus, he will be psychologically stable, successful effective and useful in society as he is fulfilled with love and care.
The mother and father should care to bring up a conscientious child who can distinguish between what is right and wrong , good and evil. This conscience will lead to honesty and efficiency at work.
The child has to learn that there is hierarchy and self-control to be able to serve and become useful to his society.
Parents need to know that If they want to change their child’s behavior they need to reach him through love and tenderness in order to enable him to listen to them and change his behavior.
Therefore ,we need to know that love, care ,tenderness ,delicacy and strictness are all needed in different situations to help children understand themselves and their society. This way they will become useful to their society because of the way they are brought up.
The teacher at school is the second society for a child. Society has to provide teachers with training courses to qualify teachers not only to teach children but also to raise up a whole generation that is useful to their society.
Because the teacher has a great influence on her pupils, she has to learn the meaning of authority and how to use it for the benefit of these children. Authority is a double edged weapon; if it is mixed with delicacy humility and love it will be effective and fruitful, but if this authority only indicates full control and giving orders, it will not bring out a good generation .Therefore ,each teacher or responsible should understand the meaning of authority and know how to use it in teaching a new effective generation to their society.
If a teacher wants to act wisely in using this authority, she has to step down to reach the children’s level of understanding and penetrate their hearts to make them love her; at that stage she will use her authority correctly and make them learn from her experience. Then she will be able to build a good generation for their society.