The Ancient Egyptian

From 7000 years, there was a great civilization on Nile River. The ancient Egyptian liked to live joyfully and his great civilization is a proof of that. While contemplating nature, he was able to discover that after death there was another life. The seed buried in the soil gives a plant. The dryness precedes the Nile flooding that gives life to the whole country. The sun sets every night so that it shines in the morning, propagating its light after darkness. The Egyptian mythology had represented the goddess of the sky, “Nut,” as a pregnant woman who used to swallow the sun disk every night and give it birth the next morning. The rebirth after death was the main faith of the ancient Egyptians.
The primary importance was in the eternal life after death, when reaching the beyond. During his life on earth, the ancient Egyptian was busier preparing his tomb and his equipment and then his temporary house.
In order to access to the beyond, it was necessary to win victories over the evil forces related to death, and this was the gods’ mission to enable the dead to walk through the various doors of the underground world. The magic formulas of the funerals were mandatory to realize that dream. It was very important to know them and to put them beside the deceased, at the edges of his tomb or between the strips surrounding his mummy.
It was thought that a good preservation of the deceased person’s body was a guarantee for the soul to exist at the hereafter. Therefore, mummification was practiced since Ancient Egypt till the Roman invasions. Then, it was terminated upon arrival of the new Christian faith and the rejection of this idea by the church’s fathers.
The deceased also had to practice the negative confession of the sins that he had not committed, during the weighing of his soul and his trial in front of the court, in order to prove his innocence and, hence, he was allowed to access the hereafter, where he would continue his life. He would enjoy all the fruits of the heavenly Egypt, after having defeated the evil forces, by elevating himself above himself, circulating in the sky and navigating over the waters of the lower sky.
The cross with a handle or the Ankh was a symbol of “life” held by the round part exclusively by the gods and goddesses of the ancient Egyptians. Many hypotheses appeared related to its signification. The art shows it while the judgment of the deceased, the weighing of his soul, and its reception by the gods giving him life after death. The Egyptian Christians, the Copts, used this symbol to their cross that give them eternal life by the crucifixion of Jesus Christ to save the world from death that was caused by their sins. This cross was the story of a loving God’s rescue.
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