Symbol Of Love

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Why do Christians fantasize about the cross…? Have they lost their minds…? Do not they know that their Role Model & Hero died on that cross…? Why do they get pieces of jewelry made in the shape of a cross and wear it around their neck…? Some people even make it as a tattoo on their wrists, arms, and back, but why do they do such a thing you may ask…?
Simply, Christians idolize the cross because it is a symbol of love to begin with.
Love? You may ask, it was a way of death, how can an instrument used for death become a symbol of love?
That is exactly where the mistake occurs, you see, it is a symbol of love because even though it is the most crucial kind of death that existed at the time when Jesus Christ was living, He still chose it in order to say, even with the most crucial kind of death, Jesus has underwent in order to show us (humans) how much He loves us.
There was no way for man to be reconciled with God without a blood sacrifice as it was in the Jewish customs.
It was a common belief in the Old Testament, for the very high priest to enter into the most holy place in the sanctuary, once a year, in order to present a sacrificial offering for his sins as well as the sins of all of the people, in the form of the blood of animals.
The idea of a blood sacrifice dates back to the time of Adam and Eve; even though outcasts from the Garden of Eden, God Did Promise them salvation to be reconciled to God once more through a sacrificial offering made by the blood of a blameless lamb, which was an indication for The Holy Blood of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, that is yet to come into the world.
Father Abraham, when he was ready to sacrifice Isaac on the altar for God, the voice of God came to Abraham, told him not to touch the boy but instead sacrifice a lamb which was tied it to a tree to redeem the life of Isaac.
So once more, the blood of the lamb was used as a symbol of a sacrifice to redeem sins for one’s life.
That is why it has been used as a ritual ever since the time of the Old Testament to use the sign of blood as a sin sacrifice offering to forgive the sins of the people; nonetheless, they were still condemned and a greater sacrifice than the blood of the animals needed to be given on the account of all people in order that God will not remember their sins anymore and they might have eternal forgiveness of sins and an eternal life in heaven.
Such an occurrence would not have been possible, unless it was for the death of Jesus Christ on the cross, the true Lamb of God, where His blood had to be sacrificed on behalf of all the people, to act as a forever sacrifice and a pleasing aroma before God to deal away with sin once and for all.
So that everyone, who believes in Jesus Christ, may have eternal salvation instead of condemnation and the forever forgiveness of sins and a second chance to be reconciled with God and live in The Throne of The Almighty God once more.
Jesus Christ, dying to the cross, was a suitable sacrifice for sin that was needed to be offered for the people to open a gateway between God and man.
It is not only an act of love; it is the uttermost act of love that Jesus portrayed by dying at the cross. He loved us (humans) that much that He proved it by dying on the cross.
That symbol that was used as a curse and a way of condemnation, the most crucial kind of death that is only given to the worst of criminals that is so shameful, Jesus accepted as a way of death in order to reconcile all people to Him no matter how great their sin is.
Jesus Christ died on a cross made from wood that came from a tree, just as the first man (Adam), fall was through a forbidden tree, so Jesus chose the very first symbol which made the first man fall, to turn it into something Holy again using it as a symbol to purify man from sin.
Furthermore, it is a way of love because there is no greater love than to sacrifice oneself for somebody else, imagine how much more Jesus sacrificed Himself, in order to forgive our sins so that by believing in Jesus Christ we may have hope for an eternal afterlife instead of an eternal condemnation and death as it was the case before crucifixion.
This sort of death is clearly the hardest method used for execution back in the day; however, Jesus was still able to speak words of forgiveness of sins and comfort to the thief who was crucified on the right hand of Jesus.
That sort of death could not be denied by anyone, neither could it be faked as it was visible for all, as Jesus was crucified outside the city of Jerusalem, so everybody could see Him.
That piece of wood that was used for a curse and condemnation became our triumph, as The Most High Priest ever has presented himself as a pleasing sacrifice to God for once and for all for the forgiveness of sins of all mankind.
And that is simply why Christians are so proud of the cross, for if it was not for the cross we (humans) would not have had an eternal life; as it was the only way God used in order to portray ultimate love and became the only way that we can share an inheritance with God through the blood of Jesus, for Jesus reconciled us (humanity), with God once more through the cross.
Written by an unworthy servant of Jesus Christ: Emmanuel Ghali (Mano).
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