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We all have dreams that we wish to come true. The only difference is; , some people do make their dreams come true, whereas, others just easily give up on them.
Are our dreams achievable? Of course we all dream of being successful in our career, having a successful happy family, keeping fit and healthy, and having good standard of living. Maybe some have dreamt to be famous. We all have our hopes and dreams. The key to achieving your dreams is your persistence to manifest your dreams into solid reality.
I happen to pass by many people, and I decided to get some answers for important questions that we always think of ….
–        I asked many successful people how they achieved success. And the following is a summary of their answers.
Perseverance is the key.  … You have to determine what your goals are and how to do ityou are going to achieve them …. Put your heart into it  … Love your goals… Believe in your dreams and never give up…
Never be a quitter. Those who succeed are not people who never fail but people who never quit.
Do not allow the different circumstances to affect you negatively. Always be positive and never allow negative people to belittle your enthusiasm.
Here is a question for you, What what would you do if you find yourself in the wrong path? Or have taken a wrong decision?
You have to stop and make an action plan and then search for other opportunities after that which you can leave to a different destination. The successful person is the one who learns from his mistakes and try again in a different way.
What if you find yourself in crossroads where you cannot make up your mind regarding a certain situation?
Every single time you find yourself in crossroads, get to know the right road. Sometimes people might choose the easier. But in order to succeed, you have to take the correct one, regardless of the difficulties and obstacles that you may face.  Never compromise the right means.
What about obstacles in life? How can we deal with them?
Life is no rose garden. You have to work every second to achieve a successful profession, good relationships, and a good standard of living. All these things are never served on silver platter. It needs hard work. While facing any hard situation, you have to see where you are.
First, get to know your potentials and what should be done to solve the situation. Then ask yourself whether you have all the tools to solve it. Finally, you must evaluate the things you miss, and how you can utilize your resources to get over this obstacle in order to have the job done.
What are the keys to success?
Love your work. Be rationale. Have perseverance.; these These three are the basis of success.
Finally, if you do not go after what you want, you will never have it. Work hard to achieve your dreams. Believe that nothing is impossible. Stop dreaming and start working, as time would not be waiting for anyone. Always believe you are going to be great as Walt Disney once said, “If you dream it, you can do it.”
Many years back, people citizens of a nation were taken away from their home country. Not only were they were exiled to a different foreign land, but also were enslaved. They were forced to cope with the different traditions, cultural, and rituals. Some of them did not surrender, but kept on chasing that dream of going back ‘home’ and building the big wall to protect their country from invaders.
One of them was able to succeed. Why do you think? We can read the story and see how he was able to manage doing this.