Sometimes we just want to forget our past

What is that for you? Hearing this word, what has just popped into your mind? Is it your achievements, accomplishments, learnt lessons, matters you are proud of, failures, mistakes, lost opportunities, things you are ashamed of?
What feelings associate the past for you: guilt, sorrow, resentment, dissonance, pride, satisfaction, gratefulness, resonance?
Maybe you do have a mixture of all; sometimes you want to highlight certain matters, and other times you want to hide all matters.
Sometimes, we actually want to forget all our past with all its details; even its minor ones. Maybe, because we have committed so many mistakes, maybe because we feel it reminds us of our disgrace and maybe because we were so hurt that we are still internally bleeding untill this very moment. Probably just thinking about that makes you feel heavy and maybe even stressed and worn out; for the past is all what you have known up until now. It’s kind of everything until now!
I would like you to look at your past from a different perspective and let’s see what comes up for you here. I want you to imagine that you are slowly moving backwards; farther away from where you are sitting right now. Farther even more until you see the outer building you are in from the top. Farther more until you see the block where you are in from the top. More until you see the your country on the globe. Farther away until you see earth in outer space. How do you see your past now? What difference do you feel? What has come up to you? What did you notice? Is your past still everything? What emotions arise for you now regarding your past? Regarding your today? Regarding your future?
It’s good to acknowledge your past, the emotions related to it and the lessons learnt from your mistakes or wounds, but it is also good to see the full picture, to see beyond the past and to take the past to ignite the fuel for the future.
Your past is real but its only part of your reality; not all of it!