Selfish vs. Selfless

A group of people were attending a conference when the lecturer suddenly stopped and decided to have the group do an activity. He gave each person of the group a balloon and asked them to write his/ her name on the balloon and then blow it up.
He, then, collected all the balloons and put them in a relatively small room and asked the people to try to find their balloons within less than five minutes.
Quickly, all the people entered the room, each trying to find his/her balloon while trying to push their way through the crowded room. There was great confusion, noise and chaos. Everyone was pushing others, trying to quickly find their balloons.
Finally, after five minutes, no one had succeeded in finding his/her balloon.
The lecturer then asked them to fetch the nearest balloon and hand it over to the person whose name is written on it.
Within about 3 minutes or so, each one had easily received his balloon.
The lecturer told them, “That is exactly what happens in real life when, selfishly and eagerly, each one tries to search for his own happiness and needs while ignoring others’ needs and happiness. In such a case, no one can achieve anything.”
Real happiness is achieved when we make others happy.  To be truly happy, we must think not only of how we can help ourselves, but how we can help others. Selfishness is the enemy of happiness.