Real Meaning Of Being Free

Real Meaning Of Being Free - Inner

Suddenly he fell into this world viewing like a sample of the sick , a hospital full of all sorts of illnesses, prisons full of criminals and convicts , a battle field covered with dead bodies , a wrecked fleet in the ocean , a nation suffering from tyranny and starvation or plague. The earth turns its other side of life and gives him an idea about pleasures; where should he head to? To the opera or to the court. He may think for a moment: I’m  trying to show him various types of sorrow and grief.
David Hume

* Is it possible that the final objective is love ?
* Isn’t it fair that we should all live happily ?

Let me ask you before I answer this critical question :
Can there be love without a free will ?
Love is the only thing that gives us value and makes you appreciate the other a person and makes him care for you.

Many things have been said about love but in fact love is self-denial . Many people use the word and claim they really grasp its real meaning but the only measurement is in answering this question. Can we forget ourselves? The word love is often used but it’s almost untrue: we can use the word love for fulfilling our needs although it is originally a kind of trade.

In spite of all the hardships you went through in your life, you can certainly prove that many people refused you for no reason; on the other hand, others loved you and denied themselves without any reason too.

You actually owe it to the later that you became what you are now because he loved you , only for the sake of unconditional love without any reason or reward.

Living without freedom is complete obliteration of oneself like ” a puppet “, the matter which does not reflect your thoughts or values.

We ask for freedom everywhere. If we’re deprived of this freedom, we will keep demanding it because we can live without it.

The question is:
What would happen if we were forbidden this freedom and became rare so that free love would become obligatory? Imagine if we were obliged to love certain people , obliged to give our care and time while another is obliged to love you . will this be called love or obligation? Will love be meaningful?

If we imagined this was real , the other person would not really feel the quality and strength of love whether it was true or mature. Our real life is tough full of heights , obstacles, hardships, slaps and shocks; yet, it is not all evil but might be virtuous.

We get provoked, feel angry , become aware and keep the distance between us so as not to get dissolved together like a piece of gold, before people become like a herd,  for each one to be independent individual and stay within his orbit and his field where he can express himself.

This is how we know the other person and  get known to others , how , why, where… we consume all our energy , feelings and thoughts for the other person. We would become like robots when everything submits to accurate calculations. Love would become mathematical calculation submitting to a number of instructions not for the sake of the other person but the higher or deeper love or refined feelings that represent us and our personalities, ourselves , our values and principles without free will. Obligatory love will never reflect our real selves , what’s  more is that love itself would be meaningless. Therefore , there is no place for love if there is no freedom.

Without love, life itself is meaningless. This way there will be answers for all questions and explanation for everything till love reaches an ultimate point that nothing else can have a better value in this world under the sky. Love is on top of the pyramid and above freedom. We can talk about love only through free will .

We are free because we are created to love. We are not free only for the sake of freedom itself. If freedom is basic in man’s life so love is the most glorious type of freedom.

To love means you are free. If anyone breaks our free will, he certainly breaks the  value of love. If someone interferes in forbidding someone from choosing the evil, it means he’s taking away his freedom.

Freedom means the ability to choose the evil and the good.

Is it possible that the final objective is love?

You are free to ask the question.

You are free to ask because you are also free to love.

Man suffers from pain and agony in the middle of this difficult scene as if God retreated from the human scene but this is untrue because He is simply there .He loves you and respects your will.

Man still has the chance to love and make his life become valuable and meaningful no matter what the surrounding scene is and to love heartedly without any justification . If he is asked why, he’ll answer : ” I am free.”

If you become fully energetic with love, you will be able to embrace the whole world including all its sorrow and misery in spite of all conditions. You love unconditionally without being loved.

It is said, “But if you love those who love you, what credit is that to you?”

Finally, I would like to refer to Paulo Coelho‘s quotation in his novel :
THE WINNER STAYS LONELY ,” if you love someone , you have to be ready to leave him enjoy his freedom.
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