Photo shooting Sharks

Arthur was photo shooting sharks deep in the dark cold ocean, when all of a sudden he saw a huge one shooting towards him.
He realized at once that his life had nearly ended. But Arthur noticed those sharp-edged corals beside him. Quickly, he decided to hide between them; maybe he would be saved. He was sure that this huge shark can smash the corals and eat him in no time, and that his life is ending in a matter of moments.
Suddenly, the shark changed its direction and swam away from Arthur!
The man sighed deeply after his survival although he was not able to understand the reason.
Later, an expert explained to him that the smell of blood can attract sharks within a range of 6 kilometers. If one shark is wounded, the other sharks would start attacking it and eat it eagerly. That is why sharks always avoid sharp pointed corals so that they would not be injured, thus ending their lives.
A very inspiring story, isn’t it?
Dear reader, who always fears sharks surrounding you, did you forget, or acting like you forgot the immune shelter that sharks are terrified of?
Why do you stand alone facing them away from this immune shelter?

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