Peppers, Bananas & Chocolate

One of the most popular beliefs is that charity makes a person feel happy and virtue is the principal source of satisfaction. In other words, does a person feel happy when he refuses to steal? Or does he/ she refuse robbery due to feeling happy?

If asked about ones’ financial affairs, a person had to either honestly reveal his bad current financial affairs and loose his prestige, or lie to cover up for his hard situation; hence, gain a false prestige.

Well, some do believe that lying is easier, while honesty in such a situation is more painful and severe. Therefore, your choice there is always an anti-virtue choice in exchange for distorted misguided happiness.

It is essential to denote that happiness or sadness based on external factors whether they are people’s looks, opinions, is by all means false happiness.

Lottery winners becomes extremely happy as soon as they receive the prize. Two months later, their level of happiness decreases till it finally reaches the same as the rest of the people. We haven’t heard about a lottery winner who lived happily ever after.

Young staff members, who couldn’t manage to have a permanent contract at work, felt nervous breakdown after receiving the bad news; it took them only a few years to regain the same level of happiness enjoyed by their peers who could make it.

External happiness or sadness is never permanent; rather, it is considered as ashes, having such a short-term effect.

Different generations had their share of “successful trusted recipes” to achieve infinite happiness. Throughout history, people sought different types of food or drugs that are supposed to serve this purpose such as: horns, rhinos, bananas, chocolates, and oysters. Some have recently claimed that green M & M may improve relationships, sexual relations and desire.

All these claims reflect one fundamental idea, that is:
Our happiness is dependent – to a great extent – on our external conditions.

People are constantly discovering that they are wasting their lives trying to achieve some extra moments when he feels happier.

It may be more than we would like to admit, but happiness is dependent on how we live our lives, how many of our dreams we had achieved; at least as much as it is related to our own lives.Happiness is always dependent on our self-respect, self-esteem and the ability to cope with it. External conditions do not affect man as much as they unfold his/her internal state.

Therefore, there is always an anti-virtue choice in change for distorted misguided happiness.  Happiness is an inside-out reaction.

Happiness is not the reward of virtue, but is virtue itself; nor do we delight in happiness because we restrain from our lusts; but on the contrary, because we delight in it, therefore we are able to restrain them.”  – Baruch Spinoza