Nature's Secrets

An aerial view of Kaieteur Falls in southern Guyana. Located on the Pitaro Rivers, Kaieteur Falls is considered one of the most powerful in the world when combining the height of the main plunge of 741 feet , with the great volume of water.
There was a man who was living in a tent in the desert; one day some scientists came and visited him while they were searching for treasures in the desert. One day they heard him praying to God; they came and asked him in mockery: “how do you have the certainty that there is a God who respond to your prayers?” So he replied to them by asking them another question: “how do you know that there was someone who visited me the last night?” So they answered: “from his footprints on the sand.” And he replied: “so do I, I know his existence, because I can see his prints everywhere in my life.”
So now I want to ask you some questions and you have to answer them:
Have you ever heard the sound of a blue sky? Have you ever heard the voice of plants?  Have you ever saw the color of the birds?  Have you ever smelled the ground after a heavy rain? Have you ever noticed the warm feeling of the shadow of a rainbow? Do you know that it is the reflection of the sunlight that can light the moon?
Have you ever took a moment and thought about the nature and its secrets?
Yes, all of those things exist………. but it needs you to discover them.
The technology has changed a lot in our lives; the world has been a small village; everyone can be online all the day, and a lot of people work and pay their salary only on doing their jobs online.
Every day the evolution in the technology can make a difference in our lives and can make our life easier. Yes it has a lot of advantages, but how could people in the past live without the technology? How they can live without a cell phone? How can they spend their time?
Now, a lot of teenagers spent their times on video games, instead of learning any hobby; a lot of studies and statistics prove that the level of thinking and intelligence of the new generation has decreased, because of their huge use of the technology.
Spending a lot of time using the technology has deprived us from enjoying the nature as that was done in the past. So here, in this article, we can take some time to know some of the secrets of the nature.
Psychology studies have proved that walking a while in the nature, not in the gym, can be able to change your mood in a good way and can remove pressures.
From another perspective, the nature can shows us the beauty that we will find in the eternal life. If we had a lot of countries that can be so beautiful and a lot of tourists would like to visit principally, it is because of the natural views that they had, like Switzerland, Australia, France, and a lot of countries in Africa.
There is a total harmony in everything in this universe, because everything here depends on another for the existence of life. Like the existence of the sun, a lot of things depend on the sun, the existence of any green (flowers, tree, etc.), the existence of water, and even the existence of animals. Beside that the sun shows us the greatness of God and proves to us that He is here every day, not only in the morning but also in the night, not only in good times but also when the storm is here.
Also the trees’ existence is necessary for a lot of reasons; for example, they are a source of food, oxygen, and wood. But also we notice a phenomenon in the trees every year; in autumn we see that all their leaves fall until that the tree has nothing except the leg and the twigs. So we can imagine that it is dead, but once the spring comes it becomes alive again. This phenomenon can be a good sign of life after death, because we might think that death is the end, but the truth is that after death the new life begins; it is the beginning of the true life.
The existence of the water until now is a great gift from God. The importance of water in our lives cannot be denied; it is a complex part of life and a very important part too.
Because of the cycle of the rain the man can feel that help come from above, from God. Also the rainbow after a heavy rain is a peace message from God telling us that every storm must finish with a good ending even if we cannot see it because it is in the high sky but we will in the wisdom of God in our lives. The mix of color gradations between red, blue, and orange in the sunrise or in the sunset tell us that God has the finest taste of artist. The view of the sunset and the sunrise in the sea, without seeing any ending of the earth gives us hope, showing us that life after death has no ending and it cannot be boring.
The relation between all things in this world, even with the human being, shows us that the world has been created by God using an intelligent design to do it, proving to us that the universe must have a creator to do all this harmony between all things; it must be the greatest designer. Everything has a role in the existence of life and everything has a purpose not only a material one but also a spiritual one by showing to us a living testimony of the life after death. It proves to us that God is here in everything, in every day, every time, every minute, and every second. Even if you cannot see it or feel it, he can see you and know all of your emotions.
God has a high-sounding in the nature, showing us his glory in earth, in the nature.
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