My value is not necessary taken from the past

What is a value of anything? Is it its worth? Is it related to its identity and purpose?
Let’s have a look at any commodity such as a house. From where does a house get its value? From it’s shape? It’s location? It’s exterior design? It’s interior design? It’s furniture and the equipment installed in the house? From the capacity/number of rooms that house holds? From the utilities available in the house?
Sometimes even the house’s value might be affected positively or negatively by who lived previously in this house or the history around the whole building; but does that mean if a house has no history or a past full of important people that it does not have a value?! Of course not! You can still build a brand new house with no history at all and no important people related to it in any way and still manage to make its value precious!
The same goes for us, our value does not necessarily come from our past. Do you know why? It’s because your value is your current value not your value some 5 or 10 years ago. The value in the past is in the past! So where does your current value come from?
It comes from your current shape, your current capacity, your current capabilities and your current use of your resources. And it’s all in your hands. It’s your choice to choose however or whatever you want your value to be. It’s your choice to choose who you want to be, what you want to do, where you want to head irrelative to your past. That’s such an empowering thing isn’t it? For the amount of time, effort and resources that you invest today is what makes your value not your past.
So think now and maybe write it down, what would you like your current value to be? What do you need to do differently to make that happen? Who do you need to be? How will you direct your resources whether time, money or effort in order to build this value you want?
For you see an architect carefully chooses the location, the materials, the designs, the measurements of spaces, the utilities, the equipment, the furniture and even the smallest details because it all matters!
So check today, what do you do or who are you being today from the smallest details to the biggest, and how will this affect your value?
Check out how some lives were transformed and their values were precious even with a past that anyone would want to be detached from?

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