25 - Love Without Conditions
Being able to love “others” is something so perfect. It is only then you will be easily able to serve “others.” It is only then you can “let go” of the “others’” annoyance.
Love is a very simple word, but it can be illustrated by several methods:

  1. The Unconditional Love

The unconditional love is when you truly love the “other”: your partner, spouse, friend, child, relatives, or neighbors without waiting for anything in return. The true love you are granted or bestowing on the other is true and totally free.

  1. Sacrifice

When you are able to give up your valuable belongings for the sake of the “others”: your time, money, or effort, you are actually loving the other. The wealthy people can share their money with the poor. Parents can share their time with their children, even their whole life.

  1. Serving Others

You can love the others through serving them, for example, serving the sick people, the prisoners, or the poor.

  1. Trust

It is easy to trust “others” when you love them. For example, the mutual trust between the father and the son results from the love that grows between both of them throughout the years.