Life Decisions

59 - Life-Decisions
If you are confused or hesitant when taking critical decision, you need to consider the following:
There are no crystal balls in life, so there is no way you can know what lies in the future. You can only take the best decision based on the available information. It is important to earn a good living, but not at the expense of your independence, time with your family, and being able to do the things you love.
Another facet of making a decision involves a deep exploration of your values, priorities, and the lifestyle you want to lead. What do you value most in your life? What are the aspects of life do you want to set as your priorities? What kind of life do you want to lead in the short term and in the future, say, in 10+ years? What do you want your life to be filled with (e.g., marriage, children, travel, health and exercise, and culture)? Most people do not have a clear vision about this, and they end up just following the path of least resistance and what everyone else is doing.
Recognize that time is your most precious resource. Why? Because it is nonrenewable. It should be a priority over money. To clarify, money is important because there are some experiences that cost money (e.g., travel, good education for your children, having a luxurious home, and new car). Here is a great question to ask: At the end of your life, how do you wish you had lived your life and spent your time? Will you regret working so much despite the financial reward or will you look back with satisfaction knowing that you lived your life the way you deliberately chose to?
Also while considering a life decision, ask yourself: does this decision brings you a sense of calm and comfort ?
Happiness should be central to all of our life’s decisions. Yes, success and financial rewards can bring you satisfaction (and they do pay the bills), but only happiness can bring you real meaning, fulfillment, and joy. True happiness comes from living a life filled with your passions, love, and value. So while making a decision, choose what makes you happy, that is, what really matters. If what you are doing now is that bad, run away from it as fast as you can (life is too short).