For the Love of Money

4 - love of money 2He left for work as usual; the sun was rising and the temperature was very high.
 Even though it was very early in the morning, the traffic was jammed that day as it was the start of the week. He speeded quickly to his office in order to avoid his boss daily commenting on his tardiness and telling him: “Wake up early next time and stop being lazy!” But that day was different! A colleague at work had passed away that morning; despite his young age, it didn’t stop death from reaching him. Everyone was in extreme sorrow, for he had a newborn girl. Asking others for the cause of death, it turned out to be due to leaving work very late on constant basis and that he was over-drained from the excessive workload and stress. The previous night, he was depressed and died because of all the stress and pressures of work.
That incident had a painful impact on the souls of all colleagues. It made everyone at the office question themselves. Why all that pressure at work? Is it for the sake of earning money? Would seeking money make me lose the meaning of life? What are the results of all the sacrifices I have offered for the sake of my job?  Would the pressures and stress cost me my life?
Let’s think together on a journey of thoughts as each one of us is searching for some answers.
Each one of us strives for a better life. We want a life full of peace, security, safety, assurance, and peace of mind for these are the basic essentials of life and they are the same for everyone since the creation of humanity, and a consensus has always been valid. However, some disagreements lie in the way of achieving them. For some find safety with the family, others find safety in having authority, power or money, and so on. Even though this seems close to insanity, terrorism with all its meanings included might be a way to find safety and more will be illustrated in this article as well as the rest of the series of articles.
With the start of each new day, and on your way to work, did you ever think, even for a few moments, about why do you go to work? Why do you care so much to keep your job? And the more important question, what are the limits of the sacrifices you are willing to make for the sake of your job?
And if you are a woman, then you should know that a not small proportion of women have found their way into the working sector to prove themselves, overcoming many obstacles and fighting their ways through to attain such an opportunity and the proof of gender equality. That isn’t the only reason though, for due to certain circumstances of life and the economic state, working women have become a necessity to aid their male partners in earning their costs of living.
If you were a man, it’s normal for you to be working for you are the caretaker and the main income earner of the family. And your job also satisfies your self-worth, reveals your capabilities, and provides you with safety in terms of the materialistic side.
Lately, during economic crises, the unemployment rates have increased in most countries of the world which lead to a decrease in job opportunities and which incurred an increase in the sacrifices made, in order to get a job, and I know exactly what you have to go through.
Recently, with huge variances between the different current social standards, there are the very rich people, of whom some even control the economies of countries, and yet still they are very keen on their jobs and the increase of their wealth and that raises the question: What could their motive to work be? Lately, it has been noticed that work hasn’t been the same as before where it used to be about earning money for daily food and maintaining a good quality of life but rather it has become an addiction for some people in order to satisfy a lot of worldly lusts.
There are endless reasons that lead humans to be addicted to work, and the most important of these is the desire to own which is exactly like a hole dug in the sand, the more you take from it, the bigger the hole becomes and it’s endless. As the desires increase, the pit of lusts increases as well. With that, the purpose of life gets lost and no time is spared to even think about it.
On the complete contrary, with the differences in social standards, we find each year that the unemployment rates increase and therefore, some people resort to illegal ways to earn money and that not only leads to the loss of the purpose of life but also loss of ethics and morals for the sake of securing daily living.
In addition, some also would abuse the needs of others for money and convince them of unlawful ways to earn money until they become accustomed to the unlawful ways. Talking about the unlawful ways, we can witness the terrorism which has spread lately such as Al Quada and Daesh; you’ll note that the real purpose behind belonging to these groups may be the acquisition of money, power, or loving control. These groups target people who almost worship these things and validate this worshipping by giving it a fake cover to ease the conscience.
The issue of money is both deeply personal and broadly social. It can control nations and governments, whether throwing them off or keeping them in power. It can make terroristic groups enormously grow and invade the globe. It can change what we do in our everyday life.
If we believed that money will bring us happiness, we will always be disappointed. When we love money, we learn it is an empty and unfulfilling love. Loving money is expensive. It can cost you things you will never be able to get back. Loving money interferes with our nature to love people and use things. Materialism causes us to love things and use people.
Quoting Jim Carrey, a famous Hollywood star, “I hope everybody could get rich and famous and will have everything they ever dreamed of, so they will know that it’s not the answer.”
When our hearts find salvation and security in having more and more material gain, we are reminded of the narcotic effects of material success. And we find a lot people warning us about this addiction. It is almost like worshiping a god, a false god.
Clearly, eradication of wealth is not the solution to materialism. The solution lies in the proper use of wealth as a blessing for others and not just for our own use. Pleasure, money, power, and safety are all, as far as they go, good things. The badness consists in pursuing them by the wrong method, or in the wrong way, or too much.  People who do this are not necessarily evil. Evilness here is the pursuit of something good in a wrong way. So it’s up to us to choose how we are going to pursue these things and if we are going to use them for the good of others. It’s up to us to determine if that god (materialism) we decided to worship is worth it or not.

(1)  Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis.

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