We all do have certain fears. Some are worried about the future, others are afraid of death or illness.Some people fear that something wrong might happen to their beloved ones; hence, they become over protective. Some fear they will become homeless or jobless. Some people are so afraid of almost everything that they can’t have a life.I wish there were a cure for fear. I wish there were an antidote or a vaccination for fear which eats up our hearts and souls in so many times.I thought about it a lot; fear is a disease we infect ourselves with. It is simply lack of confidence: in your abilities and talents; in having the upper hand; in those around you who, in one way or another, have disappointed you many times; in our experiences with them or their own battles. We see others fail in their fights for a job or against a disease or in their marriages , which makes us subconsciously lose trust in them.We come to believe that these people will let us down sooner or later for they haven’t won their own battles.We lack confidence that man is meant to be a victorious creature. If he falls, one day he will rise up,if he has the will. If he fails in one thing, he would still be able to succeed in another.We do not believe that our life is very well-planned; that we are not living just to fulfill our needs.No! Life shouldn’t be counted in days, it should be counted by moments enjoyed. Yes , many people have really rough circumstances. Yes, some can’t help the hard days they go through, but after every storm everything has to calm down.Fearlessness can be lived and practiced if just accept the fact that we are weak human. We must, also, accept our own and other’s weaknesses; thus, we will trust ourselves and others.We all must search for our talents and strong points. If you believe in yourself, you will not fear failure.We must keep the people we trust close, and away from everything and everyone that brings us down. You must always do what you enjoy, and you will excel in it. It is essential to stay in the company of positive people. Always help those who need help.We totally embrace the fact that no darkness is meant to last forever; every night has a morning yet to come.Our life is a journey, enjoy the little things so that when the big good things happen they just overwhelm you, make your heart stop from happiness. The way you think is how you see life and how you see it is how you live it.Wishing you a fearless brave enjoyable life!Do you know of someone whose fear has ruined his future or hindering him to move forward? If you do, or if you yourself are suffering from fear, please read more. May be this will help you to overcome this fear.

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