Christmas Is Acceptance

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The most amazing idea about Christmas is the fact that God descended from His throne to live among people, be one of them, take their flesh and share their history.

The idea of a Great God who had humbled Himself to be a man would enlighten our minds to understand God more; be able to know the value of a human being seen through His eyes, which is the core of our existence.

From day one in His presence in our world, Jesus was giving special care to everyone; especially the neglected and forgotten people. It was not strange that poor shepherds were the ones He chose to celebrate His birth with.

In a community that used to build barriers with the different nations and peoples, where racism was very dominant, Jesus declared the miracle of His birth to the Magi, coming from the East, from a different nation, different culture and language, and also different religious background.

Throughout His life Jesus insisted to raise the underestimated. Neglected women were very much admired by Him. He gave them major roles in His ministry and bestowed much care on them. The Samaritan woman and Mary Magdalena are good examples.

The sick and poor people as well were under His focus. Not only did He use to heal them and fulfill their needs, but also a major part of His teachings focused on having mercy on them: He called them His ‘young brethren’ and what we do unto them we do unto Him !

Sinners were also much accepted by Jesus. He loved them when no one did. His acceptance was the major reason for their change and repentance. He used to tell them about God’s love; rather than His punishment. He accepted some of them as His close disciples; like Saint Mathew. Although His love to sinners cost Him a lot: His life, He never stopped doing so. Till the last moment in His life, he accepted the murder crucified beside Him.

Jesus’ whole life declared an important fact: He really loves people despite their weaknesses and differences. He is ready to accept those who are not accepted and can even give value to their lives.

He came for everyone in order that everyone can come to Him including you!

That’s what Christmas is all about.