Boat of Emotions

A beautiful story says that there was once an island where all the emotions are living on, and on one day a huge storm had blown. The island was about to sink. All the emotions were very afraid except “love” that was busy in building a boat to help to escape. After “love” ended the structuring of boat, all emotions had come aboard except one emotion. “Love” got down seeing who it was; it found “stubbornness.” “Love” tried with it hardly over and over again, but “stubbornness” was not moving in the time that the water was rising more and more threatening to sink all of them with the island. All other emotions asked “love” to leave “stubbornness” on the island and get aboard, but “love” is not self-seeking. At the end all the emotions had escaped but “love” had died with “stubbornness” on the island. So “stubbornness” kills “love” as always. Then why do not we erase the emotion of stubbornness from our list of emotions? Could we get rid of it to let the journey of love begin?  Contain whom you cherrish by “love” and leave the “stubbornness” to whom could not provide love or receive it.