Am I Accepted ?

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*Have you ever experienced the feeling of rejection?
*Have you ever felt that you are hungry for love and acceptance?

Most probably you did; may be as early as being a child among peers and later also.

No doubt that was hurting; sometimes it’s hard to forget such situations or life periods, but do you know what hurts more? Actually not the whole problem comes from the rejection of people to you; the problem is that it extends inside you; it’s a fact that we develop our self-image from others, and how we see ourselves matters more and sometimes hurts more.

In fact, not everything people’s dislike in you is a defect or a weakness; people might refuse each other just because of personal variations which needs much tolerance to accept.

Another problem rises from such image is distorting the image of God Himself; sometimes we imagine that God views us the same way; then we begin to either escape from God or even reject Him, even though all that comes out of our own thoughts.

⇒ So how can I overcome the hurt outside me as well as inside?
How can I get outside that trap?

Well it’s not easy, but it’s not impossible too!

And here are some few tips.

First: Change Your Focus:
Stop evaluating yourself all the time according to people’s criteria and judgment; people are very limited and they don’t have the whole picture; instead, learn to see yourself as God sees you. He sees your inner beauty that people might not see, or even you yourself don’t see. He is abundant and occupies all our differences and variations.

Second: Accept the Weakness in You:
Be sure that a human being is no more than a weak being who has defects and failures, which is quite normal for a person who is growing and learning.

Third: Don’t Forget That People also Needs Acceptance and Love:
It matters a lot: loving people despite their differences; encouraging the weak, all will make you loved; it will cure your heart by getting you out of yourself.

Finally: Remember Well  from Where comes your value:
It’s never from people’s praise, nor the brand that you are wearing; never is it the achievements that you accomplished; nor even the talents that you have. Your true value is inside you: a person created on the image of God called the son of God; redeemed by His blood and inheritor of His kingdom eternally.
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