A Piece of Paper

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Very poor and still too young, Sam lived in the slums. His father worked as part-time worker in a factory. His kind-hearted mother was doing her best to meet the needs of her eight kids and hardworking husband. Her eldest, Sam, has to drop high school and abandon his dreams to look for a job to help the sick old father. Like all the rest of the people in the neighborhood, Sam didn’t really care much for his parents or siblings. All what he needed was money. As a result of all the depression and disappointment that he was suffering from, Sam was short tempered; he would get angry and swear easily at the slightest problem. He would go around the house or the streets in the neighborhood shouting and screaming. He might even get into a fight for the slightest reason. In short he was suffering from all the stress symptoms.
One day while Sam was on his way to another disappointing job interview, a guy at the subway station handed him this piece of paper. Waiting for the train to come, Sam sat down and started reading the paper. After finishing reading it, he looked calmer; the tensed expression on his youthful face had relaxed.
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What was written on that piece of paper to calm Sam down like that? Don’t we feel angry and really down sometimes? And trying to “cool down” we start watching a TV movie or getting lost in a cellphone game. But, we do not really “cool down”; we kind of forget what was bothering us. But Sam had really felt better; it all appeared clearly on his face. What he had been reading that was so motivating and relaxing. If you are feeling down or helpless, please read more. This can make you feel better.