A Flower Saves Three Souls

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It was a solemn, but happy ceremony; the wedding of the French prince son to Marian, the daughter of Governor Philip the “Count.” The newlywed couple preferred to march on foot in a procession. It was spring and the beautiful colorful flowers were blossoming all along the well-decorated roads.

In the midst of the couple happiness, another procession was seen walking in the opposite direction. There was a poor, miserable, and sad young man crying in pain, walking behind a bare coffin. The contrast between the bright scene and the other sad procession was so clear.
The organizers of the wedding procession tried to force the funeral procession back & make a way space for the wedding procession to proceed first. But Marian saw the grief and sorrow in the sad young man`s eyes while he was weeping in pain. Quickly, she took a flower off her precious wreath and put it gently on the coffin. Then, she ordered her wedding procession to get aside and make a way for the funeral procession to pass first. Her kindness made the young man to cry even more.
Twenty years later, the French revolution aroused. The new governor, in order to get revenge from the princes and nobles, ordered that they are all to be killed. The mere sight of having them all executed would be very satisfying. He used to sit behind a great desk and have them standing before him. He enjoyed watching fear in their eyes while begging him for forgiveness.
One young man, his sister, and their mother stood before the governor. The young man, feeling angry, was trying to defend himself and his family. They had done nothing and were not accused of any charge. Still, the governor ordered to have the three executed 9:00 p.m.
The guard took them back to jail.
In the evening, at 8:00, the guard went to lead them to execution. He succeeded in sneaking a letter to the old lady whispering to her that she was not to open it till after 9 o`clock. She was astonished as it was the time of execution. The guard took them to a different road and got them aboard a ship that was to sail to England. During this whole process, the strange guard had not uttered a single word.
At 9 o’clock, after the boat had sailed away in the open sea, the old lady opened the letter and found the following: “20 years ago, on your wedding day, you put a beautiful flower from your precious wreath on the coffin of my only sister. I could not forget that flower all my life. I saved you, your daughter, and son from death to pay you back your debt. I owe you that.”
A flower saved 3 souls from death. This man couldn`t forget this small act of love that has happened from 20 years and give a great reward in return.

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