Motivating Myself and Others

Football, like all other sports, needs self-motivation as well as the ability to motivate others; such as your team members. Not only do sports need that, but also other fields; such as organizations, families; in addition to other groups of people; for example, the team running the hospitals etc.  The athletes, such as football players, know that in order to motivate your team, you need to be self-motivators first, because self-motivation can help you feel better about yourself. As a result, you will have less stress, and at the end you will be in control of yourself and the others, who you are responsible for: the football team coach and the captain of the team. Motivating a football team can make the difference between winning and losing the game. Motivation can make your goal very clear to you and your team members all the time till succeeding.

Some of the football players like Cristiano Ronaldo and M. Salah are capable of motivating themselves and their teams. (very self-motivators for themselves and for their teams.). They encourage their teams to win through creating a positive atmosphere among the team members and even their countries’ supporters. As one of the ancient said, “Encourage young souls, support the weak people, and be patient on everyone because the winner of the souls is wise.”  

Similarly, all the great people supports and motivates their teams and families as if they were ‘young souls’: the wife and kids; the father and mother who are patients with their kids in order to guide them in their lives till they grow up and be able to support themselves.

Remember that motivating words of praise, encouragement and respect are important when dealing with others because they have a powerful influence in motivating and driving others to success; they are important for the spiritual, mental and psychological development of others specially your team members and the beginners. As an old wise person said: “The supporting words of a speech bring sweet honey for the soul and healing power for the bones.”

How many times we have enjoyed football matches where the losing – but motivated - team turned the results around and became winners. Similarly, we can change the lives of others from weakness to strength, from failure to success and wining, from poverty to richness, from hunger to fullness and from bad situations to good situations; this can only be achieved by motivating others. Simply giving others better life.

Let us all strive to support the weak people in our lives and in our teams. Let us learn how to support every weak person and to give a helping hand to everyone we deal with in our life; to motivate people to succeed in their earthly and eternal life.