Being a listener differs from being a hearer.
Simply, hearing is an act of perceiving sound waves through the ear.

However, listening involves more than that. It is something you choose to do.
To be a listener, it's crucial to learn how to put yourself in the speaker's shoes.

Your perspective has to be changed from 'How do I see this person?' to 'What can I do for this person?'

Listening requires paying attention to the speaker and providing feedback through reflecting, clarifying and summarizing in order to increase your own understanding, help the speaker to clarify his own feelings as well as reassuring the speaker that you are genuinely listening.

Moreover, acceptance and empathy are from the main qualities of the listener.

Some tips for mastering listening:
- Stop Talking
- Look and act interested
- Empathize with the speaker
- Be patient
- Hold your temper
- Ask questions
- Don't argue just understand the speaker