Why Did Jesus Come?

This is a question that faces every single person during every Christmas season. Is this story true? This famous story about the Son of God who was born as a Human Child, who was born of a virgin, who lived a life of sinless love, and died for the sake all the sinners so that all who believe in Him might have eternal life: Is this story fictional and we only tend to believe it because we need it to be true? Or is it actually true, and therefore we must believe in its truth?
The answer to that question is more important than anything you will consider during this Christmas season.

There are Six Reasons for Jesus Birth:
Six of Jesus witnesses had told and testified why the Son of God had come into the world. Those witnesses are Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, and the writer of the Hebrews. Their answers are the six reasons for Jesus' Birth:
Jesus was born to:

1. Ransom many   ... Read more
2. Forgive all sinners  ... Read more
3. Give sight to the morally blind  ... Read more
4. Divide households  ... Read more
5. Save the world from divine condemnation  ... Read more
6. Grant us the eternal life  ... Read more

Are these reasons considered as fictional acts that we imagined because of our needs? Or do they fit our needs because they are true?
Well, you must decide.

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