Navigating The Right Track

How can we be sure that we’re following the right plan?

The reconciliation between heaven and Earth brought by the blessing of Christmas does not confide only in the appearance of angels and holy dreams. The New Testament marks the return of the Holy Spirit to the people. It is the Guiding Spirit of that works through the people and help them find the right way.

God would not leave us without help, so he gave us his Holy Spirit. It is His support to us and His assurance that we are not going to go through life’s hardships alone. It is the part of Heaven He left in us to give us a taste of his eternity.

“Neither shall they say, Look here! Or, look there! For, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” luck 17 : 21

When we follow His plan, we become more like him. Jesus Christ gave us the example of how to follow God’s plan. It is by trusting that the will of God is good and having faith in His power to fulfill it.

God seeks to save man, even if Man does not seek to save himself. We see that when Adam sinned, he did not seek to save himself, but rather we see him fleeing from God, and fearing Him, and thus creating a barrier between him and God, and God’s will is to break all the barriers.

God wants our salvation and seeks it, even if in our earthly desires we are oblivious to the salvation of ourselves!

Be certain that if you want to get rid of sin, God wants that more than you do, but it is important that you only show a desire for virtue. There is a nice phrase spoken by one of the saints that said: “Virtue wants us only to want it”. It is enough to have a serious will, and God is responsible for the rest.
He even gives us that will to find His eternity.

“In this world you will have trouble but take heart; I have overcame the world.” Said Jesus (John 16:33)

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