Eternity Came To Earth

Man learned to live in hardships after Adam’s fall from grace.
The Heaven and Earth lived in separation ever since then, but God had a plan to take us back to His Grace.

Before the birth of Christ, there was rivalry between Heaven and Earth. The sins of the people made their lives cold and dark, as the long winter’s nights. The face of God was hidden from them. The rivalry between them and God was represented in the Temple: it was the veil that formed a barrier between the people and the Holy of Holies.

God saw that the battle was between him and satan; not between satan and man. He considered that ‘our cause’ was ‘His own cause’. The ‘seed of the woman who crushed the head of the serpent’ was God himself, who came in the fullness of time. It was God who created the whole story of salvation, because He wants all to be saved, and to accept the truth.

After His plan of salvation was accomplished the ‘veil’ was torn open and Man was restored again to the Heavenly Eternity.

Despite that merry massage of Christmas, we still can only see life’s hardships. We hid behind the veil and don’t allow ourselves to see through it. God has a plan for this too. In His Holy plan, we are asked not to worry about our lives because God is promising that He will take care of it. If we can learn to surrender our limited knowledge to the unlimited plan of God, we will not find ourselves trapped behind the dilemmatic questions: Why are we here? And what is my purpose in life?
If you are going through life with eyes fixed on His plan, surly, you are on the right track.

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