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Oyster - Featured Image
The Story Of A Pearl

My name is “Oyster” .. I live in the sea Because I’m soft & tender .. a hard shell is protecting me I may not look good on the o…

What is joy - Featured Image
What Is Joy?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind once you read the word ‘ Joy ’ ??? » Could it be a smile or laughter ? » Is it dancing or maybe some o…

give dont share - Featured Image
Give Don’t Share

In our busy modern life people strive to get through the day; trying to make ends meet and struggling to live up to the social expectations. Their gre…

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Towards Joy

Simple Steps Towards Happiness Everyone wants to be happy, but each seeks happiness in a different way: some people believe if they are rich enough th…

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Peppers, Bananas & Chocolate

One of the most popular beliefs is that charity makes a person feel happy and virtue is the principal source of satisfaction. In other words, does a p…

Joy - Featured Image
Joy & Inner Peace

Does our quest for joy lead us to inner peace? I do believe that joy and inner peace are closely related. However, some people search for joy in the w…

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Your Joy

History has proven that life around us is getting more and more complicated; rather sophisticated, over time. Advancement in technology might make som…

False & Real Pain

Help me find joy … I’m in pain ( Part 1 :  False & Real Pain ) We all experience pain & agony, but what differs is its type, duration, a…

Dr. Victor Frankl - Featured Image
A Trained Mind

Help me find joy … I’m in pain ( Part 2: A Trained Mind .. Real Story ) We ended up the first part asking the following questions : • What about…


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